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 Maintaining the Glendon® BioFilter System
Alarm Button

Light comes on and the alarm sounds during high water conditions in the pump tank. Press the lighted button to silence the audible alarm. The light stays on until the high water condition is cleared which can take between 10 and 24 hours depending on water use. Water consumption should be reduced during alarm conditions. Frequent high water alarms may be caused by too much water use over an extended period of time, ground water leaking into the septic tank or pump tank, or a water leak such as a leaky toilet of faucet in the house. Call for service if high water alarms persist during reduced water use. If power to the alarm panel is interrupted during the silent (visual) alarm condition, the audible alarm will sound when power is restored and the button must be pushed to silence the alarm.

Septic Tank Outlet Filter

Remove riser cap and lift filter partially out of tank. Wash off debris with a garden hose at least once a year.

Septic Tank and Pump Tank Riser Covers

Insure bolts are secured tightly to child-proof the covers in place.

Absorption Area

This is the area around the basin where the cover sand meets the native soil. Advise your customers not to add or remove soil on the BioFilter top or sides for a distance of 30 feet from the bottom of the sloping sides without consulting you. Do not change the slope of the sides. You might provide your customers with landscaping suggestions.